Each competition costs either, £1.50 or £3 per ticket. You can buy tickets for each competition in several different ways and there is also a free entry route.

You click on the competition you wish to enter and pick how many tickets you wish to buy and how you wish to pay. You can enter online by Mastercard, Visa or on Mobile Phone, by adding to your bill.

Credit Card cost either £1.50 or £3 as indicated on the competition. Mobile phone entries cost competition ticket price (either £1.50 or £3) plus standard network charges.

There is also a free entry option for each competition. You may enter for free by First Class stamp on an un-enclosed postcard to PO Box 8162, Derby, DE1 9GU. You must enter the competition ID number for the competition you wish to enter before the address for it to be valid. You will find this on the website in the terms for each competition. In addition, you must provide your full name and address, telephone number (including the area code if providing a landline number) and your email address. This information must be handwritten in order to be valid, and printed in legible English. You will then receive one entry for that competition. Please note that for a postal entry to a specific competition to be valid, we must receive it within three working days after the Closing Date of the competition. If you do not make a postal entry in accordance with our Terms and Conditions or we do not receive your postcard, then you will not have an entry made into the specific competition.

There are discounts if you buy more tickets, which are currently on offer as shown below, but these may change occasionally so check competitions for details. Bonus Points are explained further along in FAQ

£3.00 for 1 entry plus 30 Bonus Points
£6.00 for 2 entries plus 1 free entry and 70 Bonus Points
£9.00 for 3 entries plus 3 free entries and 120 Bonus Points (best value)

£1.50 for 1 entry plus 15 Bonus Points
£3.00 for 2 entries plus 1 free entry plus 40 Bonus Points
£4.50 for 3 entries plus 3 free entries plus 60 Bonus Points (best value)